Carrying high volumes of loads throughout the country, our network will ensure a low percentage of wasted miles which provides the most environmentally friendly solution possible.



We're always monitoring and measuring our impact on the environment and are continuing to invest in different areas of the business such as vehicle performance metrics to reduce our footprint.



Our fleet consists of a range of Euro 6 engines which are the latest and most fuel-efficient trucks on the road today. They are also compliant to enter major U.K. cities such as the London Low Emission Zone.


Driver Training

We employ a dedicated team of driver trainers who are based at each depot. They ensure that our drivers are educated to the highest standards through our in-house driver CPC courses.

Our training targets fuel efficient driving practises, both on the road and in the classroom. This is accurately monitored using the latest telematics technology fitted to every Owens Group vehicle.


Route Planning

We strive to reduce the impact on the environment and as such all routes are analysed to ensure the most environmentally friendly option is used each time.


Gender Pay Gap Report

Owens Group is an equal pay employer. We are committed to making sure we retain, train and develop our staff to reach their full potential.
Click on the next link to access our report. Owens Group Final Gender Pay Gap Report